The Light Revelations Pt. 32 (Stories of Expansion) HD




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The Light Revelations Pt. 31 (The Chosen One) HD




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The Light Revelations Pt. 30 (Book Of Events) HD



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The Light Revelations Pt. 29 (The Fall of Falsehood)


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The Light Revelations Pt. 28 (The Islamic Revival)



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[E-Book] Tawheed For Young Muslims



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The Light Revelations Pt. 27 (The Ummah After 1924)




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The Light Revelations Pt. 26 (Prelude To Al-Malhama)





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Biography of Sheikh Abu Usamah Musa’ad ibn Bashir Al Sudani


Shaykh Musa’ad ibn Bashir is one of the senior Muhaditheen scholars 
of Sudan, he is well known for supporting Jihad, which has cost him a lot.

Short Biography of Sheikh Ibn Bashir
Sheikh al-Muhaddith (Abu Usamah) Musa’ad Ibn Bashir is one of the biggest scholars of our time & one of the most prominent IS supporters.
He had memorised the Quran by the age of 9 in many different recitations & travelled to Morocco at that same age to seek knowledge.
In Morocco he studied under big Muhaditheen like Abu Khubza. Sheikh al-Albani used to visit Abu Khubza in Morocco to revise ahadeeth with him.
By his early twenties he had memorised major books of Hadeeth & was given tazkiyah by many scholars to teach them.
After studying in Morocco, he went to seek knowledge in Saudi Arabia where he studied under Sheikh Mukhtar Al-Shinqitee & his father.
After many years of studying there, he went to seek knowledge in Egypt & studied major Shafi’ee books there. He was later imprisoned in Egypt.
In Egypt, he was tortured in prison & they used to hang him by the neck in dangerous positions until he prolapsed a disk in his neck.
This severe torture caused him to wear a collar on his neck, which he wears even when giving his classes.
Sheikh al-Muhaddith Abu Usamah recited Sahih Bukhāri to al-Albani 65 times.
The Sheikh also has a chain of narration of a Hadeeth all the way to the Prophet ﷺ with 17 names in it. One of the shortest in our times.
(Sheikh Ibn Bashir’s Twitter Profile Pic. The open book contains his name.)

Regarding his arrest:
Sheikh ibn Bashir is over 70 with hypertension and back problems yet he was imprisoned many times because of his views. The last time he was imprisoned he was humiliated by the interrogators who beat him on his head and kept him in a solitary cell without allowing him to change his clothes or do wudu. 

After his support went public whilst living in Sudan, and giving the Bayaa to Al-Baghdadi, he became famous on a global scale. The Muhadith Shaykh Musa’ad was taken to prison on a late 2014 night by the Sudanese government. Until this moment no one knows where he is. The arrest took place on Thursday 9/11 10:00PM.

4 government officials knocked on his door around 10 AM and took him after treating his wife and daughter rudely.
After his students left his house 10 minutes later, 4 big officers came out of an SUV. They told him “we just have a few questions for you, and you’ll back to your house in 20 minutes ” …The last time they said that to him he was incarcerated for up to 6 months…
The Sheikh is hypertensive on chronic medications and the last time he was jailed he almost lost his eye-sight which required surgery. His pledge to Al-Baghdadi and his fame for doing so is the speculated reason for his arrest. Especially after the conference which took place in Jeddah a few days before his arrest, to combat The Islamic State.

So please spread the news and let the Ummah know how its scholars are being treated for supporting the Islamic State.
Now neither his family nor his students have any idea about 
where he was taken to, May Allah support him and keep him safe.

UPDATE: In january 2015, it was announced on ibn Bashir’s twitter page that he has been released by the Sudanese government.

The story was narrated by his wife and daughters.
Here is his official twitter account @mosaadsudan‬‬‬
Who is Shaykh Musaad (In Arabic): ‬‬‬

And Allah knows best.

Picture 11

(Sheikh Mus’aad gives his allegiance to IS on his twitter page, on the
29th of June 2014. This is the statement released on his twitter account.)

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2 Men of Akhira by Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril

Two Men Of Akhirah


by Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril

Two of my best friends as a student in Medina!
Both of whom I lost track of since graduating only to see them on the news.

1. Shaykh Abu Anas al-Shami

Shaykh Abu Anas al-Shami who was the leader, Amir and Mufti of Fallujah in the historical battles of 2003.
I was in a dark solitary room one day in 2004 listening to Night-Line, only to be shocked with the news announcing that he had moved from Jordan to Iraq and was killed – May Allah accept him and grant him ferdous.

{ Note: Sheikh Abu Anas Al-Shami was a teacher of Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Adnani (Official Spokesperson of IS).
Sheikh Abu Sufyan As-Sulami narrated that Abu Muhammad Al Adnani said in two verses of poetry:

The Lion of Iraq, Abu Anas “He forgot the hardship and was in ease. He was a sea of knowledge, in war an engineer, and in hadith.” }

2. Abu Humaam Al-Falastini

I just found out hours ago, another friend we spent a lot of time with was the previous Amir of Homs (Syria) for the Dowla until August of this year (2013) when he was killed – Abu Humam Al Falasteeni.

(Journalist Zaid Benjamin spreads news announcing the death of Abu Humam on his twitter account)

If I have time in the future I will write a short biography about these men.

Abu Anas was a few years older and one year ahead of us. I used to say he was the most amazing student of our group. A man of the Akhira – InshaAllah. We aggressively memorized and reviewed with each other Mutoon (hadith texts) and books outside the normal university curriculum and outside the private and public halaqat we attended.
May Allah Subhanu watala accept them, raise their rank to Ferdous and grant their family patience.
They are Medina Graduates you don’t hear much about!

-Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril (30th of December 2013)

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